February 20, 2019

Eight Union Trainings in Two Weeks

Category: Workers Compensation

Author: Matthew T. Hurm, Esq.

One of the biggest reasons employers in Northeast Ohio have been successfully avoiding their workers’ compensation obligations for years is that they never inform their employee of their rights under the law. To counteract this disturbing trend, the Hurm Law Firm offers free minute workers’ compensation trainings to unions and their membership.

The Hurm Law Firm has performed dozens of these free trainings, but recently the frequency of these trainings has increased exponentially. From Ashtabula to Barberton and from Warren to Cleveland, over the last two weeks, eight unions  have taken advantage of the Hurm Law Firm’s offer for a free workers’ compensation training.

The free trainings are flexible and can range from five to thirty minutes long, depending on your audience’s available time and interest. At several different trainings, we have brought stars from the Hurm Law Firm’s network of unbiased doctors. These doctors have joined the Hurm Law Firm at the trainings to talk about the importance of getting your own doctor instead of relying solely on the employers’ biased doctors. These doctors at the trainings include Dr. Michael Lyons ((330) 726-7404) out of Boardman, Dr. Bhaiji ((440) 816-2556) out of Middleburg Heights, and Dr. Gary Minorik ((330) 869-6566) out of Akron.

If you are interested in arranging for a free workers’ compensation training for your union, contact the Hurm Law Firm today at (216) 860-1922.

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