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Reasons to hire the Hurm Law Firm to pursue your workers’ compensation claim:

Job Protectors: ​Many workers’ compensation firms can file a claim if you are injured at work. The advantage of the Hurm Law Firm is that we understand labor and employment law and can avoid common pitfalls that can threaten your job. We are a job-protecting law firm.  We will not stop until you and your family are protected.

Experienced Litigators: The Hurm Law Firm has experienced litigators that can handle all your work injury needs. From the Family Medical Leave Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, to the state’s workers’ compensation laws, the Hurm Law Firm can exercise all your rights to protect you and ensure you have the time you need to recover from your work injury.

Dedicated Advocates: The Hurm Law Firm faces big corporations every day. We take pride in representing workers against Fortune 500 and international corporations and winning. Working people need a fair shake and the Hurm Law Firm fights to give them that fair shake, and much more.

What kind of benefits do I get for my workers’ compensation claim?

There are three main benefits provided to people injured at work in the State of Ohio.

1) Lost Wages – The most common lost wage benefit is called temporary total disability, but there are many forms of lost wage payments. Typically, you receive a payment for 67% of your average weekly wage (generally tax-free) although that amount changes the longer you receive the benefits.

2) Medical Treatment – The workers’ compensation system is required to cover any surgeries, procedures, physical therapy, and any other treatment necessary to heal the work injury.

3) Permanent Partial Disability – This payment is supposed to be the measure between your physical abilities before and after the work injury. If you are not able to work or enjoy life at the same level as before the work injury, the permanent partial disability payment is intended to compensate you for that loss.

How long does a worker’s compensation claim typically take?

​Workers Compensation claims can take as little as six weeks to process and be approved and can take as long as several years. It depends on how strong your medical evidence is and how hard your employer wants to fight your claim. The Hurm Law Firm encourages workers to hire an attorney as soon as possible to maximize the likelihood that your claim is approved in the initial phases. Delaying hiring an attorney does not save the worker any money and makes it more likely the claim, and the benefits you are owed, are delayed.

How long do I have to file a workers’ compensation claim?

Workers have one year to file a claim under the Ohio Worker’s Compensation statute.

What is the agency in charge of administering the Ohio Workers’ Compensation statute?

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. To go to the website, click here.

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