October 20, 2021

First Responders Still Awaiting PTSD Coverage Promised in House Bill 308

Category: Labor and Employment Law

Author: Matthew T. Hurm, Esq.

Back on January 21, 2021, Governor DeWine signed House Bill 308. The bill intended to cover first responders who suffer post traumatic stress disorder injuries in the course of their employment.  The bill created a fund for public employers to contribute to fund these benefits for first responders. The bill was passed over ten months ago with the intent that the fund be created and benefits be awarded in short order. Unfortunately, the Governor has sat idle these ten months and no fund has been created. Furthermore, until the fund is created, no benefits will ever be paid out. For the moment, House Bill 308 provide the governor and his friends in Columbus political cover without paying first responders a penny in benefits.

Call Governor DeWine and your representatives in the state legislature-your state representative and state senator- today and demand the state create the first responder PTSD Fund and provide the benefits they promised!
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