April 20, 2019

Presumption of Causation of Firefighter Cancer Presentation.

Category: Workers Compensation

Author: Matthew T. Hurm, Esq.

According to a study published in The American Journal of Medicine, two years after a cancer diagnosis, 42.4 percent of patients depleted their entire life’s savings. To help Ohio firefighters avoid such a tragedy, Ohio passed the Palumbo Act in 2017. Unfortunately, according to the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, only 26 of the 124 claims under the Palumbo Act have both been approved by the Bureau and not appealed by the city. The vast majority of firefighter claims under the Palumbo Act fail or are challenged and a big reason why is the lack of proof that the firefighters were exposed to the specific carcinogens required under the law.

Fortunately, the Hurm Law Firm has created a carcinogen exposure report and carcinogen exposure tracking system to help ensure that Ohio firefighters always have the proof they need to use the protections under the Palumbo Act and can protect their families from financial ruin. We provide all this information and material in a free presentation we provide to local firefighter unions. If you are interested in such a training, please do not hesitate to contact us at (216) 860-1922.

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