March 10, 2023

Small Businesses and Workers’ Compensation

Category: Workers Compensation

Author: Matthew T. Hurm, Esq.

Under many state and federal statutes, employees of small businesses are exempt from certain protections. The idea is that small businesses cannot afford to uphold the same burden of upholding the law that big businesses can afford to uphold. 

That is NOT the case in workers’ compensation claims. No matter how small your employer is, you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits and protections if you work in Ohio. That said, this firm understands the importance of working with small business owners to protect the injured workers’ job and ensure the small business can continue to thrive and grow and ensure the injured worker has a job for years to come. Learn more about some of the things we do to help small business owners navigate the complex field of workers’ compensation.

A Free Initial Strategy Session

The Hurm Law Firm, LLC does not represent small businesses, only injured workers. That said, it can offer advice to help the small business avoid a major increase in the workers’ compensation premiums. Frequently, small business owners do not understand that their workers’ compensation premiums are based on the amount of lost wage benefits the state of Ohio is required to pay on the business’ behalf. If the business continues an injured worker’s wages and does not require the state to pay worker’s benefits, then the business’ workers’ compensation premiums will not be affected at all and should not increase. 

This results in a better outcome for the small business and a better outcome for the injured worker. It means the law firm makes less money, but that isn’t a concern for the Hurm Law Firm. We are not in workers’ compensation for the money, but to help working families make ends meet.

Help With Light Duty Assignments

Injured workers do better when they are able to work modified light duty assignments. This allows for the worker to heal without overburdening their injured bodies. The Hurm Law Firm will work with the injured worker, their doctor, and the small business employer to ensure that any light duty assignments are within the injured workers’ physical abilities. 

This is the worker’s career we are protecting. Nothing is more important than that. But if a job can be crafted that allows the injured worker to return safely, light duty assignments have been shown to shorten a worker’s recovery time.

Free Conferences With the Employer 

The Hurm Law Firm is always happy to work with an employer, particularly small business employers, to help them navigate the complex field of workers’ compensation. The Hurm Law Firm’s interest is protecting the injured worker’s job, which also means protecting the employer that provides that job. To be clear, the Hurm Law Firm does not represent employers, but workers’ compensation claims do not have to be adversarial. Working with your injured workers and their legal counsel can lead to quicker recoveries and spending less money on litigating needless fights over treatments or therapies that the state will pay for anyway.

If you have an injured worker represented by the Hurm Law Firm, LLC, do not hesitate to call the Hurm Law Firm at (216) 860-1922. We love working with employers to bring the best results for the injured worker and his employer.

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