July 7, 2023

Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

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Author: Matthew T. Hurm, Esq.

The three most common forms of workers’ compensation benefits include:

1) Lost Wage Benefits

There are many kinds of lost wage benefits, but the most common benefit is temporary total benefits. When you are injured at work and you miss more than seven days on the job, you are owed lost wage benefits that are intended to replace the income you lost because you were injured. These benefits compensate you for the time you are totally disabled and temporarily unable to work. Your benefit will be calculated based on your average weekly wage. There are many exceptions and caveats to this, but you can generally plan on receiving at least 66% of your average weekly wage as a weekly benefit. There are no withholdings on this benefit, so your take-home pay is usually comparable to when you work. 

One of the main purposes of this benefit is to ensure you are not rushed back from your injury before it has fully healed.

2) Paid Medical Expenses

When you suffer a workers’ compensation injury, you will need medical treatment to heal. This can frequently mean surgery, doctor’s visits, specialist consultations, and physical therapy. Once your claim is approved, the state should pay for every penny of your care for the work injury. 

One important note to remember is that you have the right to pick your own doctor. Many employers will send injured workers to an employer-biased medical service provider. Do not allow your employer to pick your doctor, especially an employer-biased doctor who will rush you back to work before you are ready.

3) The Lost Payment: Permanent Partial Disability Payment

The majority of injured workers without attorneys do not know about—and don’t file for—the final lump sum payment almost every injured worker has a right to; your permanent partial disability payment. It can be a couple hundred dollars, a couple thousand dollars, or tens of thousands of dollars depending on a number of factors. 

After you have either healed from your injury and returned to work or reached the maximum improvement modern science can achieve, the clock begins. Once six months pass, you can file for a permanent partial disability payment. The purpose of this payment is to compensate you for the impact the injury had on your life. If you used to be able to throw a 90-mph fastball and now you cannot lift your arm above your shoulder, this impacts your life and a significant lump sum payment should be made. 

The size of your lump sum payment is decided by doctors who examine your injuries and determine what percentage of your livelihood is impaired. Having an attorney can greatly improve the likelihood that you will get a large permanent partial disability payment. 

Other Workers Compensation Benefits

While the above list encompasses the most common workers’ compensation benefits in Ohio, there are other benefits in special circumstances.

Scheduled loss (SL) 

A certain amount of permanent damage (called residual damage) may remain as a result of the injury. A scheduled loss award encompasses amputations and loss of use, including vision and hearing.

Permanent total disability (PTD) 

This benefit pays the injured worker for his or her inability to perform sustained remunerative employment due to the allowed condition(s) in the claim. PTD benefits compensate the injured worker for impairment of earning capacity.

Wage loss (WL) 

This benefit is paid to an injured worker whose earnings are reduced as a direct result of restrictions from the allowed conditions in the claim.

Violation of specific safety requirement (VSSR) 

The injured worker may file an application for a VSSR award if there is evidence that a violation has or may have occurred from the failure of the employer to comply with a specific safety requirement 

There are a few other uncommon benefits available which you can review at: OhioBWC – Basics: Available Benefits

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