August 20, 2018

U.S. Supreme Court Approves Ohio Voter Roll Purge

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Author: Matthew T. Hurm, Esq.

The United States Supreme Court approved Ohio’s voter purge plan making it more likely that eligible voters will be denied access to the polls.  In Husted v. A. Phillip Randolph Institute, the Supreme Court approved Republican Ohio Secretary of State Husted’s plan to remove registered voters from the voter rolls. According to the approved plan, if a voter fails to vote in three federal elections and fails to return an inquiry mailed by the Ohio Secretary of State (which looks like junk mail and will be frequently discarded), the state can lawfully remove your name as a registered voter.

The process will lead to a large number of eligible voters that are seniors or minorities being purged from the voter rolls. According to studies cited in the case, “African-American-majority neighborhoods in downtown Cincinnati had 10% of their voters removed due to inactivity” since 2012, as “compared to only 4% of voters in a suburban, majority-white neighborhood.”

The best way to avoid being a victim of the voter roll purge is to vote in every election. The second best way to avoid the purge is to go to the following link and confirm you are a registered voter. It takes 2 minutes and will ensure your right to vote in the State of Ohio: CLICK HERE

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